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UA Configuration

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There are no special settings required for a standard SIP user agent to work with SIP Sorcery. In 99% of cases it is best to stick to only using the following minimal settings:

  • Username - the username of a SIP Sorcery SIP account,
  • Password - the password for the SIP account,
  • Server - OR
    • If your ISP is blocking the standard port 5060, try these alternate ports.

Additional settings such as a STUN server, outbound proxy, realm, auth user etc. are not required in 99% of cases. The only times they are required is if the SIP user agent does not behave in a normal way. Before assuming an additional setting is needed it is recommended to post a question on the forums to see if anyone else has a working configuration for your SIP device or softphone.

Configuration screenshots are available for some devices:

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