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See all provider information on the Providers page.

Lots of providers listed here: http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/DID+Service+Providers


Free DID Providers


Provider Beta/Expires Channels Configuration Example Notes
Anveo stable 1-100 $0.99 per month (1 channel)
IPComms stable 2 Now, must call for free DID
Google Voice stable  ? Need a US ip address. Also need a callback number, e.g. a DID from another company or a Gizmo5 account.
IPKall expires 30 days of non-use 94 Some numbers have caller id issue, and show ipkall's seattle number only.
GRN voip lists call cost as 1 cent, rather than .5 cents as usual.
Whistle Phone Free US incoming DID & free unlimited call to USA (except Alaska & Hawaii).  ? User ID:US DID

Pass:Your password Domain:proxy.whistlephone.com

Download on PC, MAC or iPhone/iPod and signup for new account.
Switch2VOIP stable Provides a FREE USA and Canada DID per account. SIP Sorcery friendly!


  • FreePhoneLine.ca will give you an incoming DID, if you confirm it with another canada DID.


  • NumberGroup supplies free UK telephone numbers including geographic area codes, free SIP forwarding and free SIP Trunking!
  • SipGate UK has a free geographic number for UK residents, it seems. Or 845/870 numbers.
  • FreeSpeech.co.uk will give you a 0844 that costs about £0.05/min for the average caller. You must access the website from the UK, and give a UK phone number that they don't confirm. They will give you SIP details.
  • UK DDI provides from many area codes. Will forward to SIP. May only have g711. Can port in and out. You may need to contact them by email.
  • VoipUser gives you a UK number that expires after 3 months of non-use. Includes SIP forwarding.
    • Available numbers, which include free PSTN forwarding. Listed is the average price for the caller.
      • 0844 Day/Evenings/Weekends: £0.05/min
      • 0870 Day/Evenings/Weekends: £0.08 / £0.04 /£0.02 (weekend doesn't include forwarding)
      • 0871 Day/Evenings/Weekends: £0.10/min
      • 07031 Day/Evenings/Weekends: £0.50/min (even includes forwarding to mobiles)
  • Uknumber.co.uk Provide a special 056 number which will route through to your SIP phone.Call will forward to SIP. This is a new number range specially designed for use with VoIP. (Cost to caller: Same as landline (01/02) numbers with BT).


  • Spikko Provides an 057 mobile number, with SIP support and inbound CLI. (costs $0.08+ to call with voip) It will expire after 45 days of non-use. A $12 fee will keep it yours.
    • For every incoming minute, you get an outgoing minute of credit to US/Israel/etc. (no outgoing CLI) You need 4 minutes of credit to call an Israeli cell phone.


http://www.messagenet.it offers a free number. It must be used at least once per month to make paid calls or to receive calls, or it may be deactivated.


  • http://www.netelip.com has a free Malaga Geographic nomad numbers, Area Code 851. 30 channels.
    • Expires after 30 days, must add credit to keep it.


  • Ippi provides a free geographic number with SIP support and inbound CLI.
    • You must sign up with a France-IP, and must have receive 1 hour incoming call per month to keep your number for free.
  • http://www.num2sip.com has a free +33 9 XX XX XX XX
    • Expires after 30 days inactivity
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